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Which Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss Work Best?

FRESH VEGETABLE COCTAILS & SMOTHIES 	FRESH VEGETABLE COCKTAILS &It is a new year which means you are no doubt one of millions of people around the world who have decided that it is time for a new you. Fitness and weight loss resolutions feature highly every January, and the key to these resolutions lasting more than the first few weeks is research and resolve.

When it comes to research, there are a number of different Internet websites that will give you smoothie recipes for weight loss, but have you ever looked a little more closely at these to see how effective they really are?

For example, one of the best ways that you can bulk out a weight loss smoothie is to use ice cubes. When these are crushed with the rest of your ingredients, you get a thicker smoothie taste that is not filled with empty calories. Any smoothie recipe that contains ice cream or full fat milk as the bulking agent is not going to help you lose any weight.

Smoothie recipes that contain protein are another great way that you will lose weight as protein helps you to feel fuller for longer. It is also the building block for muscle if you are hoping to go from flab to fab. Protein can be purchased in a powder form from a health food shop and added to your smoothie in the recommended dosage scoop. Another way you can add protein to your smoothie is to add a dollop of peanut butter. Combine this with some chocolate flavored almond milk and you can have the deliciousness of a peanut cup without the normal calories.

Almond milk is recommended as an alternative to traditional milk because it is another source of protein. There is a subtle nutty flavor to this milk, but it will not overpower the taste of other ingredients you have included. There is no sugar in almond milk, so this will help to keep your smoothie calories low. Not only does almond milk help with weight loss, but it is also beneficial for those who are having issues with diabetes, coughs, and other respiratory ailments. It is an all round health benefit liquid.

Make sure you choose smoothie recipes for weight loss that also promote other healthy benefits so that you are getting maximum power when you drink them. For example, if you add fresh or frozen berries to your smoothies, not only is your drink low-calorie, but it is also packing a punch for your immune system due to all the anti-oxidants the berries contain. This will be particularly beneficial during the winter season when everyone around you is suffering from colds and flu. You, however, can keep on with your weight loss routine while you are feeling fighting fit.

At the end of the day your common sense will tell you which recipes are going to help you lose weight, and which ones are just going to fill you up with empty calories. They may taste great, but they’re not going to help you lose weight and right now that’s your biggest focus.